Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rara : the dreamland

Rara : the dreamland

Last week, I had a dream-come-true journey to the Rara (pronounced RahRah locally) lake situated in Mugu, hilly area of far western Nepal.
Without doubt, the journey was adventurous & composed of several facets of Nepali life. Within a short span of time (10days) I witnessed a series of contrasting moments, events & emotions...
but with the grace of Rara, she lets you forget all the worldliness and engulfs yourself in the nature - pure nature.

I dedicate this snap to my beloved for the wonderful company, and the dreamy honeymoon one could ever imagine. Cheers to you, cheers to my love.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Food for Life

Dabal Bahadur Malla is one of the 14-15 Mugalis who have travelled the distance of 5 days to reach Talcha in Rara VDC from their village Dhaina VDC to fetch rice to feed their family. As a part of the "Food for Work" program run by WFP, they contribute their labor (one person from a family) in road construction in the Mugu-Jumla section, where they get 4 kgs of rice for one day's work. Almost all the VDC is turning up to receive the rice, with a long caravan of goats and mules; some combining as much as 1200 goats. On their trip to Mugu, they bring millet, bean seeds, buckwheat to sell them on the way.

Nepal is an agricultural country and here, in Mugu, people are producing(virtually) by contributing nation in infrastructure development and it will still take ( people make such speculations) next 15-20 yrs to regulate that road properly.

They have 120 goats with them which are used to carry the small packages of rice (seen in the background).

I visited their camp in the evening  to share some medicine as I heard some of the elderly members are sick. They offered us their roti… and it was delicious.

Mugu is approximately at 571kms air distance from Kathmandu. This district is still inaccessible by road network; the closest station to be reached by road is Khalanga of Jumla, which is still 817kms from the capital city, and it takes approximately 3 days walk to Rara from Jumla. Mugu is one of the districts severely affected by food scarcity and hence the livelyhood is very difficult in this region. Mugu can be reached via plane/helicopter from Nepalgunj or Surkhet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Rara - calm, clear, magnificent

The water as calm as you could imagine, as clear as you could imagine...

A journey into the Mugu region and the beautiful Rara Lake, is probably one of the most rewarding and fascinating treks in all the Himalayan range given its tranquility and the un-spoilt splendor of nature. Rara, situated at an altitude of 2,990 m, is the biggest lake in Nepal. This sparkling lake with brilliantly clear water is surrounded by a spruce and juniper forest and lies within the Rara National Park. The easiest means to reach Rara is to take a flight from Nepalgunj to Mugu (Talcha) and take a 4 hrs walk to Rara lake, or take a flight to Jumla, from where your destination is 2-3 days walk away. Start this refreshing trek in the hilly village of Mugu where Rhododendron orchards stretch out over the hills. You then enter the Rara National Park, which is the smallest national park in Nepal. Surrounded by blue pine, black juniper, West Himalayan spruce, oak and Himalayan cypress, Rara Lake is also a popular pilgrimage site for Nepalis. This spectacular scenery and its serenity will bring inner peace to any visitor.

Since few tourists and natives visit the Rara Lake, there are no elaborate tourist facilities either along the trekking route or inside the park except a hotel just beside the shore of the Lake. Camping is also a good option if trekkers are self-sufficient in all their needs.

Update: Besides being the largest lake, Rara is recently found to be the deepest lake of Nepal with 167meters depth (as opposed to the popular belief of being 650 meters, Shey Phoksundo lake was measured to be only 145meters deep)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

new year 2066

pretense, smiles, awkwardness, surrender, orgasm, anger, love, responsibility, cries, departure, honeymoon, katharsis, frustration, kiddish, delusion, re-enactment & 3 pegs of wine.