Friday, June 27, 2014

Seti Gandaki Landscape

This is the view towards west from my home town Belchautara.The landscape is characterized by neatly carved cliffs by the Seti river. You can't miss the evening breeze from this place if you are around.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

this, and that!

where do you find yourself,
when you are encountered with a sense of content
a sense of dissent, at the same time.

there is something you achieved
and a lot yet to reach to.
a bit here in your hands
and a lot out there in the woods.

how do you console yourself
when you euthanasiate —
from the ever lasting and never diminishing TODOs
from the small glow of achievement.

how do you draw a line,
between this tinyness of your spot, in space time continuum
and a total immenseness of googleplex!

this minuteness,
that vastness,
this little twitch of our lips when you smile,
that HUGE, forked, deviated delta in life!

how do you compensate
between the hatred — culminated from years of disgust
the sense of belongingness — the unchanged innateness

is the essence.
‘this’ carries you the best
than everything else.

is the goal.
‘that’ drives you further / crazy
doesn’t let you sleep.

the only issue is:
how do you remain aloof from ‘that’
‘that’ that always keeps you distracting,
or perhaps keeps you driving.

how do you keep yourself
in peace & in harmony,
the question I have, my friend:
how to be balanced between: ‘this’ and ‘that’