Monday, July 28, 2008

Saturday, July 19, 2008

got back

finally back to Nepal, and back to Home...

no matter how troublesome1 life might be here... its always been a place of dreams... & i've always been longing to get back... i really missed the cool weather above all.

1. Experiencing the long line for petrol. I'm getting it in 200Rs/ltr. Its too bad to do, I know, but what to do? Either way, its gonna cost much of my time and effort to travel by alternate means. Ohh you can't imagine of getting into the Nepal Yatayat these days.
And, why are we having load-sheddings in this rainy season? I thought the reason for this was the lack of water in the reservoir dams.... but Trishuli (and all rivers) are flooded, Ktm is all flooded, and hopefully dams are also full by now... but whats happening...