Sunday, December 30, 2007

Kirtipur-BagBhairav to Naikap

We had to collect some notes (I don't know when I'll read 'em) but we always collect them. Today we finally made it out, Krish had taken an early leave from his school and I had a usual day off. ...& I thought I could consider this day a free day, ... well well, what did I say? "A free day"..HUH, these days, none of my days are free; and I'm almost tired of that. so don't let me think of the pending work, lets just continue.

Or. just let it be, I think I rather go with the photographic story-boarding.

TU main buildingTU: Standing alone, on this Lhosar. I didn't know it was a holiday on Lhosar this year. Was it a holiday last year? I don't remember.

BagBhairav Temple Bag-Bhairav Temple. 
 BagBhairav from side Just an anti-light effect.

 Gham taapdai hajur aama Prabhu,
Timi ani yo nyano gham,
timro aangan, ani yo mero eklopan!

 Baje Personality of the day. 
 Smiling Baje I quit drinking 30 yrs ago, today I'm 80.

Baje   ...ahh, well, I haven't been able to quit smoking though :(

Pond near BagBhairav The small pond dint look this clean when we were there.

The remains of historical Hetauda-Kathmandu rope-way: these trolleys no more move.

And it went like a short hike.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Peaceful Siddha-Pokhari

Sidhha Pokhari

Sidhha Pokhari 2

Sidhha Pokhari 3
It had been quite a time since I hadn't had a seating in solace.
But I was in such a deep trouble that time, I was restless inside. 
Did you notice the disorientation? probably not, as I'm almost the same all the time these days.

The short sitting however gave some peace.

Hey, thanks for this.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

... and it went again.

never predicted to be this way, here it goes again.


and i hate it to be this way.




may be, this will end and i'll be able to make a good turn, once and for good.