Saturday, April 15, 2006

Aaja ko rashi! Baisakh 2 2063

So what's happening in your life? Give it a little thought. What do you have? What do you want? While you're posing your most innermost of innermost selves these questions, you might notice something. Maybe it's the spring sun shining through the spring storm clouds. Maybe it's beaming down on the itsy bitsy flowers poking their heads out of the earth. Maybe it's a scent in the air. Whatever tips you off, your hunch is right: It's a time for new beginnings.


Nice, lets rock and roll.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Computer Gaming

I m not much of a gamer, but once I played this game, 'Western Outlaws'. It was nice in a sense it seemed like real. I had to spend significant time reloading the bullets, as if i was reloading a real gun. And the time was mostly spent on hiding reloading and making time calculations.

And no God mode, no Unlimited ammo.
It was really interesting. It was the only game that i played till the end.
I really enjoyed it.
But like a kid i m fond of NFS2. It's interesting to play and now i have the cracks and some codes which give me some interesing cars to drive. My fav is McLauren. Its interestingly fast. and the track is Snow path in Nepal.
Its tough and fun to run.

Btw, just yesterday, after a long time, i played Midtown Madness. It was a fun too. In the LAN and with friends. Findng gold, searching running away.....
It was fun also because i was playing with my friends and not any computer vehicles.

It was nice.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Meaning of Deza Vu

He was walking out of his office in the evening. He stops just infront of the main entrance for a second. Suddenly a metallic sign-board drops off the building and bangs on his head.
... passes out.... wakes up in a hospital bed... recalls the entire incident, it was the chrismas eve.. and he had messed it up.
the nurse gives some injection to make him sleep...

he wakes up from the bed, his wife, lying aside, talks about the chrismas eve plans. ?? yes chrismas eve ??
.. he usually goes to office and continues his work,
.. at the end of the office hours, he once again caughts himself in an accident.. and once again faints..

...wakes up in the same hospital bed, accompanied by the same nurse.
...the nurse gives him same injection, and once again he is asleep...
...when he wakes up, again the same thing... chrismas eve..


this continues for few days, and one day the nurse tells that he has 12 chances to make it. To change his behaviour in a decent what so that he is loved by everyone... and only then he would make it to chrismas... otherwise this process will be increasing.

.. he tries ... and finally succeeds ..........
[Well, thats the end of the story, but the my point starts from here.]

... but what i want to say is what is Deza Vu.

A chance? yes a chance to change the way u live.

.. well now just assume that this real day is also a deza vu. You are getting a chance to modify the way u live the life... [ only u can't correct if mistaken]

Thats what i felt.