Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Surgery.... and back

I just got my appendix surgery last wednesday. The pain was interesing. [what can i say except that?]

Sometimes it feels amazing how someone just cut you through and took out an organ out of you.... and you are walking back again.

Now getting better.......... and trying to walk straight.

Monday, March 20, 2006

e lingered' pain..

we both knew very clearly.. it is impossible for us to meet [melt] up again.. well, i wud nt say it is totally impossible.. but it is jus very not possible.. [no diff la]
for wad i can say, i can jus say dat from e bottom of my heart, i wish u well.. in evrything..

i tell myself nt to cry again.. becus i knew u had moved on.. so mus i.. living in memories wun do ani better.. it is jus a half-wriiten story.. becus one of e author died halfway thru.. so e story could no longer continue........ [and e one who die is me.. let me be e one to leave... ]
i realli donno wad dat was 4..

i wudnt ask..

wudnt guess..

wudnt think..

becus i no longer belief it could be like i tht.. i am realli tired.. very sick of all those stupid things... those justifications... makin me constipate evrytime i think.. no doubt..helpless.. i swear i am.. thinkin abt everythin.. i realli feel helpless...


Friday, March 17, 2006

leaving ebPearls

I was damn confused thinking about resigning the office. It messed my sleep for few nights. So tense moments, confusing and perplexed. It is my first office. and i have learnt a lot here.

What i find as my assets, :: The friends and the colleagues cirle. Its so cool to be in the group here. So friendly and so enjoyable.




When i recollect the reasons that compelled me to move, i find none. But what about the reasons that encouraged me to do so.... I find some significant ones...actually i get a list of reasons when i compare these two worlds.

So what was that all about? ... Money? I guess not [although it is also]. Others.. hmm, yes time was a factor

Finally for my justification,
Someone showed me a animated gif images which resembled the nature of software engineers who moved from one office to another in significantly short time period. And then I thought it was normal.
[I will definitely post that image here soon]






Do u think 'freedom' counts as a reason?