Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rara : the dreamland

Rara : the dreamland

Last week, I had a dream-come-true journey to the Rara (pronounced RahRah locally) lake situated in Mugu, hilly area of far western Nepal.
Without doubt, the journey was adventurous & composed of several facets of Nepali life. Within a short span of time (10days) I witnessed a series of contrasting moments, events & emotions...
but with the grace of Rara, she lets you forget all the worldliness and engulfs yourself in the nature - pure nature.

I dedicate this snap to my beloved for the wonderful company, and the dreamy honeymoon one could ever imagine. Cheers to you, cheers to my love.


Anonymous said...

oh u already married sangharsha... :(

Beloved said...

thanks cutie :D
It was wonderful indeed and you were wonderful as usual....s

Jotare Dhaiba said...

Thanks for sharing about your precious part of life.
God bless you.
Be happy Shangharsha n Avinashi !

43k5h4 said...

wow!!! looking at this i feel like going back there again...
i have some feels worse comparing to yours.. damn i must go back there.