Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Youth Self Employment Tax Notice : What Is?

i was wondering what is the purpose of this? apart of the monthly tax that we pay to the government, what has this to do and what is the primary motive of this tax?
Is it justifiable? or is it just an another propaganda to feed the lame government?


Anonymous said...

we are being taxed to wax the government...this money hopefully will go to the right person ... not just cadres from a political party..

Basanta said...

जनताबाट 'स्वेच्छिक' चन्दा असुल्न सरकारमा पुगेर पनि छोडेन माओवादीले!
जनतालाई निचोरेर कार्यकर्ता पोस्ने दाऊ हो यो।