Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Taleju Bhawani Darshan on Nawami

Devotees waiting in line for Taleju Darshan.

Bhairav's idol - being worshipped.

Taleju temple from the north side.

Devotees line at the Hanumandhoka side.

Preparation of puja at the Army's place. People were gathered to witness the sacrifices.

On my father's shoulders.

The shot - and the life ends. This photo contains violence and might be considered extremely offensive, thus it has been presented as a small thumbnail. Click on the photo to view larger (at your own discretion)


Anonymous said...

please remove the last pic asap...thanks

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comment dai.
I've resized the photo to a small size.
I thought twice whether to post the photo or not. This is just for the ones who want to see what went on that time.

DreamSky said...

WOW! inside Taleju!!

nice catch!.. and that thumbnailing trick is so smarty k. :)

Anonymous said...

Perfect position and timing for the last fotograph. Its a bit disturbing though, but that's what we do hoina? slaughter animals for food...or whatever...

"On my father's shoulders" pani daami chha...wonderful catch of expression..