Tuesday, October 07, 2008

... & all we got is faith

i know you weren't intending bad... but the point is : we do not doubt whom we love. the thing that keeps us running is that small thread of trust and faith. we put everything to nurture it - as i believe it is the only thing which should be kept out of doubt.
... and it is the basis of everything ... everything that matters.
& as for me, i want to put my everything on the faith - yes everything. 
to some extent you are right - the precautionary thing - & the possibility of something unexpected happening in the future... well, tell me where is certainty - certainty at a level that you can predict all the future outcomes... its just a matter of extent of uncertainty - next moment is uncertain, next day is uncertain, everything else is uncertain, ... we cannot keep doubting everything.
its all gray, and the nature of it being gray lets us remain in that ignorance (ignorance is bliss, as they say)
once again, nothing to feel bad buddy, but the way the concern was raised - i just didnt feel good, & it definitely hurts. 


Anonymous said...

"ignorance is bliss"....if i had a dime for every time i wanted to make that my motto..

and BTW, i thought I was the only one allowed to be "concerned"...(about projects and wat not) :p

Unknown said...

hehe indeed you are an authorized person to be "concerned" ... but this time its about "life"... and not a "project" - which is but a way bigger project itself...
haina ta