Thursday, August 07, 2008

NagPanchami @ NagPokhari

NagPanchami @ NagPokhari on 22 Shrawan, 2064
Got one and a half hours late when I left office. Nevertheless, my visit to Nag Pokhari on my way back to home, was worth the wait.
I dont remember much from the last visit, as I never visited the place on this occasion when i lived nearby for 4 years.
The stage was set, in the midst of the pokhari, at first I thought, some kind of rock concert was going on, but later it turned out to be a fusion music program.... on the short stay of around 10 minutes, it was amazing.


Anonymous said...

And You dint remember the incident that happened at the bench on the coast of the pond few hundred days ago ? What an Onion you are turning into yaar.

Unknown said...

... never visited the place on this occasion (NagPanchami) bhaneko ni...
how can that occasion be forgotten?
prabhu... mero tetro dussahas!