Sunday, June 15, 2008

...rollover monsoon

the monsoon has started here..
the temperature - slightly settled down....
but it is still hot.. i dont know where does this heat come here...
i forgot what i wanted to write...
it was the monsoon & the water..
i remember of the muddy field - splashing...
i see a balcony, full of pigeon droplets,
and a big puddle on the road, 20 floors down.
a man,
pushing his maruti out of it, all on his own,
and i'm absent minded.
put 5 cups of rice, instead of 4!
Hanuman has returned, the return of Hanuman....
there are matrix effect, & house with tube-light.
and yes, once again - the weekend passes by,
untouched, unmoved.
i have a momentum in myself,
just a single flare, to ignite,
i wished,
if u were here,
we could walk in the rain
ignoring the mud,
who cares!
they say : daag is good!


Anonymous said...

well, some of that went way over my head, but still that was beautiful

Anonymous said...

Daag is good in cloth
But not in heart
Thr is no Serf excel that wipes out the heart-stain.