Thursday, February 21, 2008

a paper rose


It was a busy day and there were lots of work pending to be done at home; yes of course 'with deadlines'. And all of a sudden I had to start with a paper rose project for my sister Aaraju.
I hadn't done this before, so there came an obvious oracle - Google! I tried for few hours searching way to make it, tried with some. They didn't work out.

Finally I tried it myself, with a natural algorithm. [Means: trying to make it remembering how it looks like]
It didn't come up as a rose, but it looked like a flower. A friend of mine said it looked like an exotic orchid.
I hadn't had a chance to work on water colors since quite long and it was a chance. Used a long forgotten toothbrush to spray the colors.
It was refreshing -  indeed.
She woke up till 12.30 midnight, and it was worthwhile.

I remembered when once my friend said - "When you don't have a manual, you have to use your brain".


Anonymous said...

Better yet, don't waste your time in manuals as long as you can get it done just using your brains.

Unknown said...

indeed, thats the best way!

& thanks for the comment.

Anonymous said...

well Songs bro, the flower looks beautiful, seriously. and you're good with "toothbrush painting" too ;)...

Basanta said...

the flower you made is very beautiful. I am not lying.