Tuesday, January 01, 2008

to ChanguNarayan

On the way We stopped to rest on the way, looking towards south, through a dense 'tuwalo'

Kamala & her friend Kamala & her friend (I don't remember her name)

Hukka Mero Dalle Dalle Hukka Mero Dalle Dalle

ChanguNarayan Temple ChanguNarayan Temple.

I felt glad for the choice I made: a short trip on bike, rather than a movie show. The return trip was even better, a rough route to Sallaghari through Duwakot. I had been there few years back. Then, we had taken the route, down from Changu through pine trees and the village... towards Duwakot.
This time we were on a bike, ... I loved the smooth ride, clean road (at least without the smoky vehicles), full of life all around, no dust & smoke and of course the closeness with nature.

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