Monday, January 28, 2008

once again

once again,
wind turned into breeze,
once again,
i saw a rainbow, in the droplet

once again,
i heard the song,
do u remember? the hum!
we did it together...

and today! it reflected like a mirror,
I didn't notice -
those crazy people...
and I don't care at all.
and when i recall all that, I feel totally mesmerized - I cant think of a logic. Do you recall what I said -  we should fight more! This time, its different, & I feel different, its different - indeed.
my fear! yes dear! i fear of the fear!


its all a bunch of lies
that we grow - within ourselves,
and you talk of freedom,
and i talk of freedom!

See, we are free,
we are free to think of ourselves with our-selves!
we are free to dream of ourselves in chain!

This dust, all over the road really irritates me,
& the irony! I can't avoid it!
See I'm free!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nice one Songs bro!! i like the irony