Tuesday, January 15, 2008


watched this movie last night.
not as adventurous/action-packed as I had expected, but the concept was interesting; & specially the context of the movie: only one man alive in the entire city! no matter how traumatic the situation might be. The uprooted city & its deserted livelihood.

...and now, when I think of it from a slight different angle, I can imagine (may be I can't imagine this) how terrible it would be to be all alone: not for a day, not for a week, but for 1000 days,or even more... OHH!
this evening, in the office, we were discussing on someone's endurance on staying alone, how far can you go this race : staying alone. just think, how far can you go with this!
boredom, boredom, boredom and would there come a limit of boredom itself? would you be able to get over it some day? or rather would you be able to know yourself and get into your own self? would you start enjoying?
hmmm, out of my box : I cant even stay alone at home whole day some times.

Samyak said its suffocating, and I realized, yes, indeed it was.

back to the movie, Will Smith's one man show! its good though.
& i wonder why didn't that compound 6 cured Sam while it cured a rat and later also a human? [the last injection that he gave to Sam]


Samyak said...

hmm...it probably didnt work out for Sam because Will Smith killed him!

What do you think? :)

Unknown said...

Might be!

ShoesOn said...

I like this idea, it is man playing with nature and nature counter-playing with man. Someone asked a wise man / mahathma "When will the world end?", the wise man replied "When men will hit the chilly tree with a stick to pluck chilly out of tree."

ShoesOn said...
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ShoesOn said...
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ShoesOn said...

watch this, it's garden of eden