Wednesday, January 23, 2008


"The government decided to roll back the petroleum price hike following angry street protests Wednesday.
Emerging from the meeting, Industry, Commerce and Supplies minister Shyam Sundar Gupta said the government has decided to roll back the price hike taking into account the problems caused by it to ordinary citizens.
- NepalNews

I don't know why these problems couldn't be assessed before the decision was made.
Nevertheless, its a good news that the price hike has been withdrawn.

BTW, the road were more black(er) when I returned. AHHH, the dust & fume of that carbon.

इतिश्री स्कन्दपुराणे माघमहात्म्य कुमार-अगस्त्य संवादे, नेपाल मुल्यवृद्धि विषये द्वित्तियध्याय!

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Anonymous said...

well said.

I guess they were always aware of the problems it'd cause to ordinary citizens... they just didn't realize the problems it'd cause them.