Wednesday, January 02, 2008

five point someone, the alchemist

just finished this novel - Five Point Someone by Chetan Bhagat. Took me few days with few hours a day, its a fun read; I liked it. The title seems odd, but it becomes meaningful with the introduction of the context.
His second novel - "one night at the call center" was also fun.

& Thanks to this load-shedding, it gives me time to read. Sometimes I wish the electricity never came, for couple of hours more, but cant be that way... :)

I read The Alchemist before this. Had heard of this long ago, but never had a chance.
Its a hyped one, I think, as I didn't find it as impressive as I had expected. A simple story of a guy following his dreams. Not bad though.

And this time, thanks to the warm sun, specially in the Saturdays & Sundays, when its irresistible to stay inside. (Obviously I miss lots of work while I stay in the Sun; & this is one of the reasons for my dangling deadlines) But still, its fine.

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