Wednesday, January 23, 2008

BLACK Wednesday - early morning in Ktm

Bhatbhateni 1Bhatbhateni 2
Bhatbhateni 3
Could escape within a nick of time, early this morning (8am) while riding to office. These are the scenes near Bhatbhateni.

I can't judge things, right or wrong, I don't know what is this price hike for - just after the code of conduct for CA was ruled out (all public decisions are halted in this period, isn't it?); I don't know what these people are smiling at;  and why are the small school kids carrying bricks in their bags while participating in the demonstration.

[the BLACK in the title means the color of the road, nothing else]


Samyak said...

I have the exact same question...what the hell are those guys smiling about? They should be either sad or angry. Do they even know where they are, what they are doing...How is burning tire bring down the price hike? f$%^king idiots.

ShoesOn said...

hey man should have sold these photos to Kantipur or something. Could have earned something. ;) Keep up the good work. And these guys who are smiling even don't know the joke is upon themselves. "The wise man is pointing to the moon, the fool is watching the finger"

Unknown said...

it seems like a country ruled by idiots, and my mind gets puzzled thinking about how the idiots can actually rule a country and how it is justified by the world...


& thanks Shoes for the comment.