Thursday, September 13, 2007

quick meditation

its specially effective and appropriate for the busy people who want to but don't have enough time for meditation.
So give a quick try.

When: Do it many times during the day.

Duration: Even for a moment is good but as a meditation at least 40 minutes.

Step 1: “Just sitting on a chair or in the train, close your eyes and put your palms lightly on your eyes, without pressing.

“In a relaxed mind thoughts cannot move; they get frozen. They live through tension. So when the eyes are still, and the energy moves inwards, thoughts will stop. You will feel a certain euphoria that will deepen daily.”

From: Osho Times

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ShoesOn said...

About the meditation, Transcendental Meditation can be done in any positiion regarding that the head is not rested upon anything. It has to be done for at least 10-20 mins but if u r short of time then u can just do it as much as u like and as much as u can in a day. Small bursts of meditation is healthier and fruitful than long time single meditations.