Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Rafting in Bhotekoshi

Getting started



Go!!! --- In the surf

Time to Rest

Banepa ko saalik jalaudai raake julus


Rajesh Tandukar said...

Hey bro, i hope u enjoy a lot-Rafting in Bhotekoshi. Nice photo.

Anonymous said...

Bhotekoshi ma
Yad aena malai
Timro kati 'ni

Rafting gazab ko
Timi bhanda 'ni gazab
Tara dar lagdo

Chiso pani ma
Mayalu ko angalo
Yada aayo

Sangai jaunla
Samaya hamro bandi
Hami premjodi

Anonymous said...

Yap . Rafting is fun but not as adventurous as it is generally presented ( especially those pacakages.. but wild rafting must 've been intolerabbly adventourous). It's just okey . very luxurious . BTW did you jump off the rock ? I bet u can't afford to miss it .

Anonymous said...

More pics n text plz !

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

आमालाई सम्झेर ढुङ्गाबाट हामफालेको नी, पौडिन नजान्ने मान्छे, तेस्तो भेलमा!
and yes, I couldn't afford to miss it, and I did it.

Anonymous said...

paudina najaneko manchhe le tesari fal kina haneko ta?
mero ta sato nai gayo mathi pugera tala herda.

Anonymous said...

Hey !!! Hey !!!
Loving to see u with so much exciting photographs.........Please keep continue your blog with Photo+ Kabita........I like that too much......
Reality Bites

Nepali Akash said...

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