Thursday, May 03, 2007

back with more ramblings

ok here i go, words from my tired day, but with a great relief.
I just finished my papers of this round. It was really tiresome and exasperating because it ran for almost 2 months straight.
and English literature is not that tough and boring – I didn’t do good in the papers though. Very interesting texts and appreciations, I feel bad that I didn’t give enough time on it. It would have been really awakening and insightful study I could have. Never mind, some one closer is following the lead, I am going to leave that part incomplete this time.

It’s amazing how you treat a fictional character as if it was a real one. Thinking about his/her behavior, attitude, and even psychological aspects. But I love philosophy, all about knowledge and its source, very abstract and thought provoking domain.

What's new?
And someone said what is not new?
… lots of things going on around, but just felt like dipping into a reverie.

Due to this juxtaposition of timing and necessities, I missed few things; few good things and probably few bad things too 

I couldn't attend the BLOGAN meet; however I do not regret it that much. [I don’t think I am that kinda active bloggers who has to participate in meetings, I haven’t contributed to the agenda-driven blogging; so I better remain silent and continue my occasional jpting.]
I missed some of my personal project updates, got some glitches with clients. And I am really thankful to my clients who have been patient and still wait for me to continue. 
And exceptionally my friends have been so supportive to me, especially even in my inability to continue my contribution; they have been appreciating me…
And with some friends, I have been really unresponsive and irritating with my hummings all the time.  NO words and only humming if any.
I have also missed some of the new works. That’s not that bad, I hope so, coz grapes are sour sometimes (really they are), and I believe I was after the apple, or pineapple or whatever, better things than grapes.
I don’t know why but I think I am avoiding changes and maintaining my uniformity more than necessary, was that necessary or is it just the justification - - I know not.

So, that’s all with my jpt.
[but in fact jpt wouldn’t have been a good way to go, jpt is ofcourse jpt.]

I always have complains on my own timing. Irregularities and indecisiveness.
Blogging is no exception. My jpt and my jpt timing.


A said...

I'll borrow your 'jpt' label. It's a cool word, and I still have one more word which I often use.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes.................
Exams are tiring....damn tiring....hope you will make up the things postponed and forgone....