Sunday, January 28, 2007

Deep End of my Mind, Myself

And here I go again.
Just got back to work after a break, a one day sick leave. Got caught by cold and tonsil pain…
I recurs every year with me, whenever the season seems to change. And all the time I try my best avoid allopathic pills, especially antibiotics.

Couldn’t find much to write, (same shit all the time) …nonsense excuses

I am very confused about shifting my job.
Money looks good, but I don’t feel like leaving the current one. The confusion is obvious, i think, but decision making in these kind of issues is really hard. "Money lures yaar" but k garne aru kura haru pani ta chhan ni, haina ra?

And now here comes the question of Madhesi movement in the Terai. Well, what r we up to? Defying to celebrate the Prithvi Jayanti and now we are demanding the liberate Madhes?

I bought a book on a sale, the title sounded nice, later at home that night, I found that the book was on an entirely different category (i dont want to tell it here :)). Next day i had to go for the exchange.

Some random thoughts

Now, when I face a problem in work, I wonder if it's because of my incompetence or that certain things are simply not within my control?

I know questions are asked out of concern. But having answering the same questions for about 10 times, my replies get shorter as I am "tired" & "irritated".

I have a dream
Dream of the sun
Dream of the moon
Dream of the river


Anonymous said...

Actually liberal in the sense udar not the freedom from nepal.
and rest u know better than me.

Unknown said...

ya this can be a good approach, but with the slogans and the party names they have, i just couldnt figure out that meaning!

thanks for the comment!

Bean Cookbook said...

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