Thursday, November 09, 2006

thinking of an ocean, remembering a drop

it has been quite a revelation in blogging since few days. I have found many backlinks to my blog from the sites which I didnt know existed, and from the geo-locations which I didnt predicted.

Thanks to you all, those who have noted, those who have visited, those who have commented.

I will be rolling ahead... I am not much of a writer... but lets see how it goes.

जादा जादै,

"लेखाइमा छरपस्टता,
बोलाइमा अकमक्कपना
छोडेर आएको थिए
पाइलाको डोब समेत

बिर्सिसकेको थिएं
किन मलाइ सम्झाउछौ
भुलेका कथा,
किन मलाइ झस्काउछौ

छरपस्टताको बीच,
मेरो परिचय

के हुनु थियो र?

के हुनु छ र?

मेरो कथा मेरो कविता

जे पि टि
मेरो ब्लग मेरो लेख
जे पि टि"

Happy Blogging!


Reality Bites, Nepal said...

sorry for using lots of material from your blog. Really, Next time it wouldnot repeat.
But , Please continue with your blog.... its a great .......and great things in your few words...I like your style....

Anonymous said...

Hey Jpt is in the air. Jptism is in vouge and the perfectionism is cliche. c'mon jot down all the jpts, that really rocks.