Saturday, November 18, 2006

personal void

It’s been a terrible walkthrough, I should say. Have been trying to write something since long, but finally I happened to write about why I couldn’t write (something) anything. Sounds funny. But it’s quite a puzzle for me.

Always jumbled as they come to me. I think of making up a story; a smaaaal plot in my mind, trying to elaborate - I miss it. I think of a poem, and just after the first stanza, I think that the topic doesn’t cover more than this. Now how could I present that 4 line poem? Ridiculous!
That’s why I said ‘thinking of an ocean, remembering a drop’ in one of my previous post. But I think have my realized my problem, yes to some extent, and it has to be my indulgence in multiple facets at the same time [it has to be it]. So many subjects, so many faculties, so many issues to talk about, so many manies! And on the top of that, I searched for a wholesome one like The Grand Unified Theory. How could I? Silly me!

It’s chaotic sometimes. My friend once said the most prevalent theory in this world is the chaos theory. I agree. I think I should, or at least from what I see when I see it all. Chaos rules buddy! Does this sound pessimistic? Or just a rationalization for my inability to manage things! I don’t know.

And still I can’t explain my motto here, can’t explain my search for words for a better search of the way, to better explain my search for knowledge.

After all, forget the absolute… there’s still a domain of relativity, a very persistent ideology indeed… ‘Truth is just an illusion, albeit a persistent one’ – as Einstein said. There is no any ultimate truth as Derrida said, or just like that entropy stuff in the second law of thermodynamics.
Everything movable, watery, flexible!

But in the meantime, let’s wrap it up. Bottom line is I have missed my Basantapur tea today, but rather had a sweet tea with a friend.

Lastly, if you have come to this point, here are some haikus.

हाइकु मलाई एकदमै मनपर्ने विधा हो, थोरै शब्द - सानो कथा - धेरै कुरा!

मेरो कविता

विचारको खडेरी
अत्यास लाग्दो

कलम चल्छ
बोल्न म जान्दिन
भाषाको खेल

यी केहि टुक्रा
विचार र कुराका
कुरैको दुख

शब्दमा खेल्ने
कस्तो ड्रामाटिक शो
म त जान्दिन

र अन्त्यमा,

कति चलायमान
तिम्रा नयन


Anonymous said...

I too like haikus. You know something about "tanka"? Though not popular as haiku, believe me man, it's amazing.

Check this out for my haikus:

Avinashi said...

तपाईंको हाईकु
म बुझ्दिन
बुझेर पो के गर्नु

साँच्चै यो चै हाईकु भयो कि भएन ?

Anonymous said...

Avi, haiku ko formula chha:
5 syllables in first line
7 ............. second....
5 ............... third ...

Timro haiku bhaena! Baru yo ta lolku bho... lol

Unknown said...

yes, as keshuvo said, the rule is 5/7/5 [whole letters in Nepali, and syllables in English]!

Anonymous said...

तिम्रो हाईकु
बुझ्ने मेरो प्रयास
तर बक्वास