Wednesday, November 22, 2006

नेपालवाद जिन्दावाद

देशको नयां बिहानीलाई स्वागत गरौं,
आपसी बैमनस्यतालाइ बिर्सेर - नयाँ नेपालको सिर्जना गर्न अघि बढौं,
आत्मनिर्भरताको यो सुनौलो उदाहरण हो,
यसैलाई निरन्तरता दिने हामीले आँट गरौ!

पुराना गल्ती (वा ?अपराध?) अब कागजमा लेखिने ईतिहास हैन,
हाम्रा लागि पाठ हुनुपर्छ;
भ्रष्टाचारीलाई सफाई दिने राजनीति हैन,
गरिबलाई इटा बोक्ने ढाड हुनुपर्छ!

वादको पछि नलागौं,
मार्क्सवाद, माओवाद वा समाजवाद – सबै वादहरु बकवास हुन;
अब हाम्रो एउटै वाद – नेपालवाद!
नेपालवाद जिन्दावाद, नेपालवाद जिन्दावाद!!


Avinashi said...

Nepalbaad was always Jindabaad !
but it's not enough Sangharshaji .
It seems vague . Be it Ganendra or Prachanda or Girija or you or me.....we always used the term Nepalbaad to levy our Baad...What is Nepal ? who is Nepal ? we interpreted it according to our it got to be further cleared .

Unknown said...

I don't think so, Nepalbaad was not Jindabaad always!
It was only about MarxBaad or MaoBaad or SamaajBaad, or LaudaBaad or MahakaliBaad or PajeroBaad or CroreBaad... just a set of PocketBaad or PaperBaad; and never never really a NepalBaad

What I meant by NepalBaad was think of Nepal, not your pockets
Those who step forward to be a political figure and a national figure should dare to think of the betterness of the society, not only their family. They should (must) dare to take a step ahead in their thought-process compared to the thought-process of janata (as they say).
Seems like euphoria, but thats what i meant.

Besides, Nepal is just a feeling of being 'within', neither physical boundaries nor people!
Just : love sans fronteirs!

परिवर्तन said...

All the "isms" must be "wasms" from now. If we have any "isms" left with us, it should be "Nepalism."

Nepalbaad Jindabaad! Jindabaad!


Unknown said...

Absolutely Yes! SBS!