Friday, September 08, 2006


"a child sat on her mother's lap
under a poplar
in a park
a leaf sailed
across the air
and fell down lightly
on her curly hair
she picked it up
and held it in her and
a yellow leaf
dropping off to the ground
what is it, mum
a leaf my dear
yes, dear
a gust of wind blew the leaf away
a cloud covered
the sun's face up
there's a leaf on the tree
the child shouted in glee
o, she's showing off the new world
her mother thought
a young green leaf
flamed on the tree
though trees are bare
in cold december"
- Shreedhar Lohani

As cited in a book "Healing Thoughts on Tender Theory" by Arun Gupto.

I liked this poem very much. There are many interpretations and analysis of the poem but the poem itself is also too good.

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I don't know you or anything but the Dami in Avi's blog was something I couldn't resist so droppin by. Hope u don't mind :) Just loved the layout and the pictures, everything here.. and was wondering on which post to comment but seeing the name of my former teachers felt so in at least someone I know so dropping some lines..Your Blog's Really Kool.