Monday, August 28, 2006

Photo Gallery of my Nuwakot Trip

Day 1

[Green fields seen from highway]

[View from a Chautari]

[A Water Tap constructed in memory of my friend Sudhan]

[Kids busy making something out of a 'Bhogate', i asked are you making a goat or what? They laughed and said 'Yes']

Day 2

[Early in the morning, i took a one hour walk to the Northern part of the village. Its a more remote area.]

[My trip to Bhorle, Dhading.]

[Early morning view from the village]

[On my way... i am in the either side of the hill, i will be crossing that small river and move up from there towards the right. That steep up walk was hard. I still remember that.]

[My focus is on the rainbow and that brightly lit hill in the left. It was cloudy and raining all day, however we didnt get caught in the rain ]

Day 3
Back to home

[There's nothing special in this photo, but i just like the fog, specially when i can see and feel it move, I like it very much.]

[The image speaks itself]

[You see that road there...., thats the highway, where we have to reach to catch the bus. It was a long way, - - i stood there few seconds watching the road: i was a bit tired.]

[We met some kids when we reached the market. They were returning from school and bathing and fishing in the nearby spring. One kid showed me a small crab which he caught and put in a small bottle.]

And after few mins, we got to the main road. Waited for few mins there before we got a bus to Kathmandu. Had to stand up ... there were demonstrations in Kathmandu and the highways against the petro price hike, so few buses were on the run. Later govt withdrew the price hike decision. I had to walk for half an hour to cross the traffic jam of buses and to get to Kalanki.

Finally got a microbus to my home, as a special service for running the vehicles within the battlefield-like roads, no student concession was provided.

It was great trip. I look forward for another one.


Anonymous said...

Sounds your trip was quite good. Do keep some more images . Its really intresting to see inner beauty of nepal

Anonymous said...

nice pics buddy!! and that dhaka topi really suites to so well.