Monday, August 14, 2006

jaya bhole

ॐ शिव ॐ

special worship season for Shivaji for one whole month of Shrawan concluded today. This month is believed to be special and thus it is celebrated with special attention for the entire month.

I also visited Pashupatinath early in the morning, stood in the queue for 2 -3 hrs. Just couldnt satisfy myself without the darshan [however most of the times i just enter the main premise and take few turns and worship for Shivaji in other smaller temples. ]
It was a short cut like the bol bam yatra for me. Early morning, walk to the temple, .... .... etc.Felt good.

The line management was really good and controlled this time, but it was quite absurd to circle the temple through right [Actually its odd]. Stood there and worked as volunteer for few hours.

Feeling tired now. May be i'll walk out for home and take some rest.

Besides, i have to prepare for tomorrow's assessment on Stylistics in Linguistics - i dont know much about it, but i hope i will study for better view. [well... did i mention somewhere that i have joined Masters in English literature recently?] It was quite late, but finally I got a chance from the back door. :)

"Better late than never"

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