Sunday, July 30, 2006

reverberance : [E = hc / λ]

I feel like surfing in the wave... and like being within a big box of echoes and vibras. the reverberance.
Same old ups and downs...
so thats why here it comes : reverberance and the equation of light. 'Light' bcoz i want to express the nature of sine wave!

But i often think, .. is it what it is supposed to be? [Not only now, but i often think]

today someone [a new character artist in my life.] asked me about life... since i was already in the swing, I said, it’s a wave.. ups and downs. So life is like the light. Ups and Downs -- or rhetorically: bright and dim.

Sometimes i think this is a sick philosophy. Philosophy to justify the deeds, the ongoing 4th dimension elements. Can u avoid it? ... or what?
but avoidance is not an option - not an option at all.
There are other better ways out.. i think there are.. i believe there are.

Well, tell me if u have any thoughts on this.

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