Monday, July 31, 2006

make love not war

"BEIRUT: An Israeli air strike on Sunday killed at least 54 civilians, including 34 children, in a town in south Lebanon, marking the deadliest bombing since the conflict began."

"only the dead have seen the end of war"

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Gairi Khet

[Photo Courtesy: Rajesh KC, Kantipur Daily, 29th July]

reverberance : [E = hc / λ]

I feel like surfing in the wave... and like being within a big box of echoes and vibras. the reverberance.
Same old ups and downs...
so thats why here it comes : reverberance and the equation of light. 'Light' bcoz i want to express the nature of sine wave!

But i often think, .. is it what it is supposed to be? [Not only now, but i often think]

today someone [a new character artist in my life.] asked me about life... since i was already in the swing, I said, it’s a wave.. ups and downs. So life is like the light. Ups and Downs -- or rhetorically: bright and dim.

Sometimes i think this is a sick philosophy. Philosophy to justify the deeds, the ongoing 4th dimension elements. Can u avoid it? ... or what?
but avoidance is not an option - not an option at all.
There are other better ways out.. i think there are.. i believe there are.

Well, tell me if u have any thoughts on this.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

this boring saturday

I am here at work, even in this weekend....

so boring...

well, there are a lot of tasks that need to be done, lots of personal issues which need to be fixed... ... pending since a long time, but it so funny i dont have sufficient urge to see those... i guess the time hasnt come yet.

sometimes.... the mood of upcoming weekend is far more better than the actual weekend.

Now dont think about my weekend plans,
I had some plans, some simple ones.. to go out and chill out... but now i dont have mood to go.. so i just cancelled them.

Better take some rest and watch some movies. I actually love to watch movies in TV.. browsing the movie channels and watching some o them.

before i leave, here goes something that i found today, my wallpaper!

[Photo courtesy: DebiantArts]

Saturday, July 15, 2006

जीवनको परिभाषा...

जहाँ सत्य लुकाएर झुठको साथ लिनु पर्छ
जीवनको परिभाषा अभिनयमा दिनु पर्छ
त्यो झुठको जीवनमा हाँस्न नसकिने भो
नाम मात्रको आशामा बाच्न नसकिने भो

Quoted from
जन्मिदा एक्लै मर्दा नि एक्लै
बीचमा किन साथी चाहियो र
साथी साथी भन्दा भन्दै
भनेजस्तो साथीनै कहाँ पाईयो र

जहाँ चोट लाग्दा पनि मन खुलाई रुन सकिन्न
मुटुले कसैको मुटु छुन सकिन्न
त्यहाँ चोटको अर्थ खोज्न नसकिने भो
निराशाको एक्लोपन रोज्न नसकिने भो

जहाँ सत्य लुकाएर झुठको साथ लिनु पर्छ
जीवनको परिभाषा अभिनयमा दिनु पर्छ
त्यो झुठको जीवनमा हाँस्न नसकिने भो
नाम मात्रको आशामा बाच्न नसकिने भो
- कर्णदास

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Be What You Wanna Be

Be What You Wanna Be
I've walked along the edge
I've seen my death
It came before my eyes and blinded by the light
I realized
Too long I've been without
The feeling of alive
Lost inside the fog
I've been
Lost Inside My mind; and I forgot that I am free.
Dancing on the shards
I found pain
I found The feeling of awake
Isn't it serene?
How we can behave?
Our paisley brains numb inside the daze
Can't we be? Can't you be?
Be what you want to be
You can live
Find your reality
Be what you wanna be
Powered by illusions all around
I have made the choice
to find my voice and let it ring throughout the Cave
And end this Happiness in slavery
I won't go down that way.
I will be.
I can be
Be what I wanna be.
I can exist
Within this reality
And be what I want to be.
by: Sarah Fimm [... without consent]

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

party time

This is the party time...

i m having parties all round the week this days....