Wednesday, June 07, 2006

how far have i gone....

today, i was having a conversation with my friend. [it was a chat conversation actually, u'll later know why this matters ].

all of a sudden i remembered, few weeks back i found one of my best pencil sketch half eaten by rats. Some time back i had blogged a piece about rats, i hope its not because of that :)
that was a bitter moment. now i cant re-create it. there would be no sense even if i re-worked in the same theme, in the same way. I couldnt do anything, i just kept in a safe place.
Now at the moment i remembered how far i have gone. ... far from myself... far from my self.
I still cant take this as an obvious change, because if it was a change, i wouldnt have missed those days [OR actually days like those].

Well as my friend stated, i m not trying to explain the purpose of our existence, but i can surely think that this is not the best way that we could go with our life. There are a lot of other options that we could choose. and mostly those options are not radio buttons, of course several paradigms could be integrated in one life [look how i m giving examples now]
I am now: Techno stressed... gadgeted.. busy.. worried.. moody..

... Life's too big, human understanding is too big... capable enough to encompass simplest to most complex ideas.

Lets hope, some day, [ and that some day to be coming soon...] i will live that simple life once again.

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