Thursday, May 18, 2006

i had been here, been there... and been everywhere!

i thought it was a new revelation, a lovely beginning... that would revolutionize my world.

... and ..

finally it didnt. Yes it didnt.

so what was it then? a storm, a wrong advice?, hmm or just a bad space-time conjunction : wrong ppl in wrong place in wrong time? May be.

shall we talk about my mistakes, sure. but was there any?
there were some hidden stories, I accept, but those wouldn’t actually interfere with the outcome [as far as I know things]

Finally just for the reference, i would like to quote this piece of lyrics here
ma sapana ko kura garchhu, timi aakha ko mol sodhchheu,
ma dhukdhuki ko bayan garchhu, timi mutuko taul sodhcheu

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