Monday, March 20, 2006

e lingered' pain..

we both knew very clearly.. it is impossible for us to meet [melt] up again.. well, i wud nt say it is totally impossible.. but it is jus very not possible.. [no diff la]
for wad i can say, i can jus say dat from e bottom of my heart, i wish u well.. in evrything..

i tell myself nt to cry again.. becus i knew u had moved on.. so mus i.. living in memories wun do ani better.. it is jus a half-wriiten story.. becus one of e author died halfway thru.. so e story could no longer continue........ [and e one who die is me.. let me be e one to leave... ]
i realli donno wad dat was 4..

i wudnt ask..

wudnt guess..

wudnt think..

becus i no longer belief it could be like i tht.. i am realli tired.. very sick of all those stupid things... those justifications... makin me constipate evrytime i think.. no doubt..helpless.. i swear i am.. thinkin abt everythin.. i realli feel helpless...


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axix said...

Since this post is on blog I think it's a fair game to badger u endlessly on who the "second author" is!